Pierre Gagnaire in town – Champignon of Molecular Gastronomy

I’m not a fan of celebrity chefs who lend their name to restaurants and just design the odd menu rather than being in the kitchen to oversee the cuisine (unless the chefs you leave in change have the brillance of Angela Hartnett or Markus Waring).  So, I tend to only go when the chef themselves in town.  Aren’t we lucky that Pierre can spare us a full five days?!

End of July is the time to get thee down to Pierre at the Mando.  Pierre Gagnaire will be overseeing his restaurant between Tuesday 28th July to Saturday 1st August.

New 8 course “Legumes” degustation menu at HK$1,288 per person.

Call the Mando to book: +852 2825 4001

Pierre Gagnaire is truly an incredible chef  – it is he who is the long term collaborator of Herve This, the chemist who first coined the phrase Molecular Gastronomy, and has influenced such greats as Ferran Adria of el Bulli, Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck and even our own Demon Chef of Bo Innovation.

If you are a foodie, you really should take up this opportunity.


~ by Caustic Candy on June 27, 2009.

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