Oo, more lovely hats

My search for hats has thrown up another great option – Borsalino of Italy.  Found them flagged in Monocle this month along with a photo spread that included a Lock & Co hat too.  Just going to show that I really do have excellent taste (fnah).


Closest places to purchase are either Shanghai or Tokyo if you aren’t passing through Milan any time soon.  They also have stunningly beautiful moped/riding helmets (no chin guards, so more form over function unfortunately).

borsalino helmet

Update: Passed through Harvey Nics yesterday and spied a Borsalino hat – unfortunately they only had one style and this was it:

ibis Borsalino

Now, I’m no genius, but it does strike me that ladies in HK are fairly obsessive about keeping the sun off their faces, and therefore there is probably a good market for Borsalino’s hats here.  Why then is the only one HN have this feathered creation? I know it’s arresting, but it’s almost completely impractical.  Why not grab attention with this, and use it to intro other less immediately eye-catching hats which are much more styling and usable? Once again HN proves it’s still all skirt and no knickers…


~ by Caustic Candy on June 24, 2009.

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