Bo Innovation – We really enjoyed this meal.


Ah – a special occasion at last, and so to Bo Innovation.

I’d seen this restaurant when it was in Central near the FCC, but the one time I went to go I picked the day after the damn place had shut before moving to Wanchai behind The Pawn.

Then, I saw it on Bourdain and knew I had to go – I hadn’t realised that it was all this molecular stuff that Demon Chef was up to, and for those who put any store by the Michelin guide in HK, this restaurant thoroughly deseves it’s rating.

Bo Innovation

Had a very good Ruinart Rose Champagne to wash all this down, which was perfect for the whole meal rather surprisingly.

Sat at the chef’s table and here was the menu with comments:

1000 yrs egg with crispy pickled ginger cone:

ginger cone was very like a brandy snap, and the 1000yr egg was not at all grim, actually tasted just like a normal egg

Oyster with crispy egg: Oyster tasted beautiful

Caviar with smoke quail egg, crispy taro:  huge spoonful of beluga caviar on the quail egg. Even so, the quail egg with the taro was almost too rich and velvety for the caviar, needed a good slurp of champagne afterwards, but an interesting dish after a couple of very clean/brightly textured courses.

Uni with dan dan noodles.  Really, really good, and the uni was super fresh.


Toro with foie gras powder and freeze dried raspberry – this really is a piece de resistance the toro was just melt in your mouth stuff, and then the foie gras powder added another rich rounded taste, coupled with the lovely berry tartness from the raspberry.  Don’t knock it til you try it.  Sublime.

Peat Shoot Cappucino with “har mi” crouton.  Just really sweet and lovely

Molecular xiao long bao and lap mei fan.  The xiao long bao was so clever.  A little bubble of stock that tasted just like the dim sum should.  I can’t actually remember the lap mei fan which is bad but I’m sure it was really good.

Crab roe souffle, marinated star fruit, aged chinkiang vinegar.  Chef makes his own vinegar and it was basically a chinese basalmic.  Really lifted the crab roe souffle, which was very tasty, but a tiny bit cakey for me.

Cod with black bean, honey and pickled bak choy: The quality of the cod was fantastic.  The best black cod I’ve ever had (BH agreed)

Duck char siu, with foie gras.  Again super quality ingredients, amazingly tasty.

Wagyu fat choi hotpot:  this was wagyu beef cheek, done like a true french pot au feu, breathtakingly simple with the clearest of stock, the sweetest of veg beautifully al dente and the fat in the cheek had turned to jelly which made it positively orgasmic.  Truly a masterpiece.


Dessert – had 3 or four little deserts and some amuse bouches in the middle of everything as palate cleansers.

Price: Dinner was $1080 each for the menu so with champagne, service and tip I spent exactly $4000.  Worth every penny, would go once a week if I had the cash.

Ambience: fantastic experience sitting chatting to Demon Chef and his workers, great space with high roof and an outside terrace.  Upbeat vibe because the kitchen is open and people are excited about the food.

Location: 2F, J Residence, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai (same building as The Pawn and Ovo Lounge, but entrance round the corner). Website

If you are a foodie you have to go to this restaurant. The Krug Room at the Mando sometimes has the chef who trained under Ferran Adrià doing his molecular menu, but there is no other Chinese chef doing this in HK, it’s a real treat.


~ by Caustic Candy on June 16, 2009.

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